Transparent Statistics @ CHI 2019

At CHI 2019, we will organize a Transparent Statistics Lunch on Thursday May 9. Sign up here

At the conference, we’d recommend checking out the following presentations that are relevant to Transparent Statistics:

Paper Presentations

  • Touchstone2: An Interactive Environment for Exploring Trade-offs in HCI Experiment Design (Eiselmayer et al.) ⬇️pre-print Best paper award
  • Increasing the Transparency of Research Papers with Explorable Multiverse Analyses (Dragicevic et al.) ⬇️pre-print Best paper award
  • Designing for Reproducibility: A Qualitative Study of Challenges and Opportunities in High Energy Physics (Feger et al.) ⬇️pre-print
  • Gamification in Science: A Study of Requirements in the Context of Reproducible Research (Feger et al.) ⬇️pre-print

alt.chi Presentations

  • The Continued Prevalence of Dichotomous Inferences at CHI (Besançon & Dracigevic) ⬇️pre-print
  • How we Guide, Write, and Cite at CHI (Pohl & Mottelson) ⬇️pre-print

Submission that were not accepted 😢

We commend all the authors who make their pre-prints publicly available to advanceme of the public discourses.

  • Replication and Transparency of Qualitative Research from a Constructivist Perspective (Talkad Sukumar & Metoyer) ⬇️pre-print

If we miss anything, email the title of your paper and the URL to the pre-print to