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Transparent Research Discussions That (Would Have) Happened at CHI 2020

Although CHI wound up not occuring this year, the work was still published and some of the panels occured virtually. Here are some highlights on transparent research:

Transparency of CHI Research Artifacts: Results of a Self-Reported Survey Chatchavan Wacharamanotham, Lukas Eisenring, Steve Haroz, Florian Echtler PDF DOI: 10.1145/3313831.3376448 🏆 Best paper award

Panel Transparency in Qualitative Research: Increasing Fairness in the CHI Review Process Poorna Talkad Sukumar, Ignacio Avellino, Christian Remy, Mike DeVito, Tawanna Dillahunt, Joanna McGrenere, Max Wilson Website Preview Video Full Video

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