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Launch of the transparent statistics in HCI blog

This post marks the transition of the Transparent Statistics in HCI website to blogdown. This is an exciting transition for several reasons:

  1. The website is no longer backed by some hacked-together scripts I made.
  2. The website can be contributed to by others via Github.
  3. (Most excitingly), we will be able to begin blogging about transparent statistics in HCI!

To that last point, we will be soliciting posts from members of the community on topics related to transparent statistical communication in human-computer interaction. We also welcome volunteers: if there is something you would like to write about, reach out to us at core@transparentstatistics.org! The inaugural post on the blog will be by the one and only Pierre Dragicevic, asking can we call mean differences “effect sizes”?

You can also follow us on Twitter @trans_stats_hci and using RSS.